A New Kind of Family Vacation


New Kind of Family Vacation

Written by Jennifer Bateman. 

When our kids were nine, seven and five, we took them to Disney World. You know this kind of family vacation, right? It’s often referred to as the best family vacation for kids. It’s the vacation that every kid dreams of and that every parent hopes they can some-day give their kids while they are still young. Well, it can also require lots of advance research on how to navigate the parks, the hassle of flying, it’s very expensive, and don’t even get me started on the crowds! But we were able to give our kids the best vacation for kids …… or so we thought.

After we returned home, I asked the simple question, “What was your favorite part about vacation?” And much to my astonishment they all three said, “Eating sugared cereal for breakfast in our bedroom while watching cartoons!” (Both sugared cereal and eating in their bedroom was taboo at home, but some rules are ignored on vacation.) And while I was happy for their honest answer, I was thinking to myself “What!? After all the hassle and time and money we spent, your favorite part was something we could have just done at home?!?!”

Another friend of mine took their five year old to Arizona for the first time. He experienced his first airplane ride, went to a huge zoo, ate in restaurants and swam in a swimming pool under the sun every day. When asked what his favorite part about vacation was, he answered “Sleeping in a big bed with you and daddy!”

So these answers really got me thinking. Vacations for kids don’t have to be fancy or expensive. Simple will do just fine. I realize many families take more than one vacation in a year, and I encourage you to make one of those vacations a simple one. 

Minnesota resorts are one of the best places for a simple family vacation. Most are a four to eight hour drive from the Twin Cities, Iowa or the Dakotas (no flights needed). They are a safe place for kids to roam and offer a quiet, friendly atmosphere in a natural environment. Cabin and boat rental rates are very affordable. 

After spending a week at a Minnesota resort, when asked what their favorite part of vacation was, I would imagine answers like these:

      “Going to the lodge all by myself to buy ice-cream.”
      “Riding my bike everywhere.”
      “Finding snail shells at the beach.”
      “Eating as many Freeze Pops as I wanted without having to ask!”
      “Sitting on the end of the dock with you.”
      “Jumping off the swim raft.”
      “Fishing with daddy.”

So when it comes to planning your family vacation, don’t over think it. The experience your kids need is far less than you might think. 

Until next time ~~ Jennifer Bateman    

(Former resort owner for over 20 years Jennifer Bateman has owned and operated a Minnesota resort for over 20 years and has witnessed first-hand how kids experience and truly love a Minnesota resort vacation.)