This fall we are making updates on the septic system that serves the resort as well as having a new well drilled.  Tom has been very busy this fall digging 7 ' trenches with his backhoe to instal the new septic system lines as sell as laying the line for our new well.  This makes for a lot of mud unfortunately, as the weather has been very wet.  Landscaping is our main focus at this point and we are sure this spring you will not even notice any of the work we have done. 

The entrance to the Lodge is finished (yay, we have railings!) and stained.  The weather got too cold too soon to finish any more painting outside until spring.  This fall we were able to start work on the retaining wall around the chimney side of the lodge.  Our roads will be much smoother to pass thru once we have the gravel spread on them. 

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