Why Take a Fall Getaway?


Minnesota resort guests talk with the resort owners about how they are feeling while on their vacation. Many of the comments have a consistent theme. These themes are true for these guests that are vacationing at a Minnesota resort in the summer, but you know these feeling will be the same for upcoming fall vacations as well.

So, I think we have an answer to the question: So, why take a fall getaway at a Minnesota resort? Because:

– This is the most normal I have felt in months!
– It’s a great way to get out of the cities.
– Fall fishing can be the best.
– It is a different world up here.

– I love the open environment.

This is the most normal I have felt in months! Yes, if summer guests are feeling that way you can be assured that you, too, can feel that way when vacationing this fall. Many of us perhaps don’t know what normal is anymore. But, to get a touch of that back again, even if it is for just a long weekend up north, is well worth your time.

It’s a great way to get out of the cities. Vacationing in the fall at a Minnesota Resort will give you a great reason to “get out of town.” Many of us are feeling a little cooped up. Taking a trip up north is a great way to make you feel like you have really gotten away from everything. Just driving out of the city and not seeing car after car may make you feel more relaxed. Yes, you can leave the city! Perhaps you have been in the city just a little too long. It is time to explore again.

Fall fishing can be the best. Yes, some vacationers swear that there is no time that the fall to experience great fishing. Everything seems to bit better in the fall! The fish are getting ready for winter and are fattening up. Fish in different lakes in different areas of the state may act differently as the weather changes. Check with your resort owner for advice because who else would know what works best on the lake or river where you are vacationing. Explore Minnesota offers some good advice on fall fishing as well.

It is a different world up here. Resort owners do hear that. Whether you are vacationing at a resort closer to the cities, a resort almost to the Canadian border or any in between, spending some time at a Minnesota resort can possibly give you that little change you need. It can help you refuel and get ready to settle down for the winter. We don’t want to talk about winter yet! But, we know that it is coming Think about taking your family, a significant other or just a couple friends to a different world, a Minnesota resort.

I love the open environment. Wouldn’t it be nice to experience those feeling that you have when you are in a more open environment? It may make you feel even a little healthier! Fall is a wonderful time of year. Warm days and cooler nights, sitting by the lake as it gets dark, the list of reasons go on and on. These are just some of what you can experience as you spend a little time at a resort.

It’s time to feel normal again as you get out of the cities to go to a different world… a more open environment and maybe even get in a little fall fishing!


Submitted by:
Karen Senger
Resort owner for 17 year, now a retired resort owner